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Stress Management Techniques


If you are reading this know that relief from stress and it's symptoms is a phone call away. Don't struggle alone. It is estimated by many medical resources and statistics that as many as 75 to 90% of all doctor office visits are for stress related issues.

We all have different tolerances to the stimuli coming into our lives. We react to stressors depending on our existing coping methods and our physical and emotional states. Stress is a serious source of disease and illness. Stress causes our bodies and minds to age. Stress causes confusion and unclear thinking. Stress compromises our immune system by changing the body's internal biochemistry, causing adrenaline to surge, the heart to race, blood pressure spikes, cortisol flows, muscles tighten, brain fog, weight gain, excessive drinking, self-medicating with drugs, shopping, gambling, illicit behaviors, all having just a temporary calming effect. Our bodies and nervous systems are responding toxically and negatively to what we are feeling, experiencing or remembering, real or imagined, and brings us to a state of fight, flight, freeze or fall. We feel overwhelmed and not in control.

When these situations exist, and they can for hours, days, months and years, it creates the perfect opening for depression, anger, sadness, isolation, hostility, acting out, lack of motivation for relationships, profession, school, social activities...the list is long. Life is stressful, but it is how we react and cope and manage these stresses that we are able to pass through trying, painful situations and go on to a clearer and fulfilling life of your choice. Stress comes to us from all directions, now more than at any other time with technology delivering info instantly to us from many sources all day long. Stresses overlap such as worry, guilt, need to self-punish, earn more, get the love you long for, the stress of pain, loss, perfection, fears, providing for loved ones, pleasing your boss, husband, wife, children, your committee...all real in this lifetime. And the body/mind/spirit will have a difficult time to process and function healthily during these periods if stress is not eliminated or managed. The body will respond to it's environment. Your body will inform you. It is in changing our perceptions and reactions to our fears that stressors can be  managed and/or eliminated and to live a life that is in control and enjoy a life of freedom and quality. Coaching, hypnosis, and emotional freedom techniques are extremely powerful modalities in stress reduction, by staying focused, recalling, recognizing and releasing the triggers and causes of negative emotional tension states. Often relief comes quite rapidly and the body and mind respond quickly to a calmer, and in control state, and life overall is satisfying and content. States of fear, overwhelm, sleep impairment, relationships with loved ones, work stresses, family life stress of everyday life, forgiveness and resentments, weight issues and alcohol issues, anger, all can find relief by reprogramming the mind with new thoughts and behaviors that will rewire old ways of coping and be replaced with new, default, major positive reactions to stress. Our physical bodies will renew, our minds will be clear; our spirits will be open and free.

I am a State of Connecticut Registered Certified Consulting Hypnotist and use hypnosis to access the subconscious mind, which has the answers, thus maximizing the success of reprograming thoughts and behaviors to ones that you desire. Hypnosis is safe and effective. You are always in control. It is highly accepted and respected by main stream and integrative medicines. At various levels of hypnosis the subconscious knows where and why something is causing you pain and discomfort of some form, and what is not working in your life. The subconscious is used to explore and notice any underlying triggers, events, and identify these causes, experiences, to determine if they are associated with and causing a reaction in the present from a past event. 

I use hypnosis at various levels to facilitate changing negative habits, thoughts, physical pain, emotional pain....by using the latest research and techniques in neuroscience, and mind/body science, to rewire/reprogram the brain with positive and desired thoughts and behaviors. With hypnosis old neural pathways are replaced with new positive pathways that provide relief from many conditions and habits, addictions, emotional and physical. Hypnosis is about the subconscious/unconscious mind; our minds are our most powerful resource to bring about change at the unconscious level. Hypnosis can be used in any situation where you need to let go of unwanted patterns of behavior, fears, and hurtful emotions.

Stress Management

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