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Self-Esteem is how you feel about yourself. Self-Image is how you see yourself and how you believe others see you. This is all based on perception. And this becomes our identity. Then the age old existential question: Who am I ?

Our identity, where did it come from and how? These questions can manifest as lifelong anxiety and struggles and non-self-acceptance if the perceptions and cognition of self are toxic in thoughts and feelings. Our identity is fluid, flowing in different patterns and strengths based on circumstances.

We had, perhaps, an outgoing joyful attitude about our nature and a positive acceptance of our body when we were, say 6 years old. We felt good. But today we do not. What happened? As we continued to live in this world all sorts of stimulus came to us via words spoken to us directly, what we were told, what we saw around us, what we heard, what we saw rewarded...and so on. And they stuck with us. Positive or negative. These evaluations and judgements formed our outlooks, beliefs, behaviors. Many of the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors we have today are the results of others perceptions as they tattooed inscriptions on our subconscious minds which we carry forth to present day. Our identity and self-esteem and self-image were influenced, molded and shaped for us by stimuli beyond our control. We absorbed it into our subconscious and default to it knowingly or not.

These writings on the walls of our subconscious mind can include a multitude of scenarios, such as: not good enough, not attractive, shame, inferior, bad, stupid, and so the list can go on. These inscriptions in our subconscious became our beliefs about ourselves. These can be positive or negative or combinations.

When these beliefs are at the core of our lives, and are not serving us well, they will cause angst in our relationships, our work, our interactions in the world and havoc to our bodies, mind and spirit.

With hypnosis, emotional freedom techniques, EFT, and professional coaching, combining complimentary modalities, we can bring about through exploration, a discovery of your true possibilities. We can rewire, reprogram the neural pathways in the subconscious, where inscriptions from the past continue to play the same negative recordings over and over, that have resulted in negative thoughts and behaviors that were given to you, influenced you. We can create new neural pathways, circuits in the brain, that will bring about positive, healthy attitudes, new beliefs, feelings and acceptance of the true self. A confident self-esteem to self and the world. A confident self-image to self and the world. Freedom.

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Weight Loss

Want to lose weight? You Can.

Use the correct tools!

Losing weight with dieting alone won't last long as the will power effect cannot sustain losing weight and keeping it off, and most have experienced this. By changing current thoughts and relationships with food which are embedded in the unconscious mind, and taking action, the weight will come off. Many eating issues and all the emotional dynamic undercurrents that go along with food and eating are largely stored in the unconscious mind. Hypnosis is very effective in weight loss as it explores these undercurrents and opens new thoughts and behaviors in the subconscious and replaces old embedded behaviors with new pathways to create a slimmer and healthier body. These new thoughts become a permanent part of the subconscious mind, which controls our reactions to food, and stressors/triggers and other negative behaviors. At this level is where significant change can replace old patterns and thoughts of food and maintain a healthy body weight that brings, health, confidence, vitality, mobility, freedom and self-esteem.

Each weight loss process is individually tailored to effectively achieve your specific goals and issues. It is important to work collaboratively and committedly to the process. Other complementary modalities may be used that work in synergy to accomplish your desired results.

Althea, Founder and Director Of Universal Intelligence, LLC

Self-Image and Self-Esteem

"The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes"

                                     ~ Proust

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