Althea and Brian Weiss, M.D.

International past-life regressionist, authority, 

psychiatrist, author, international speaker.

Althea received Professional Trainings in Past-Life Regression Therapy with Brian Weiss and others.

I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing with techniques that have been used for thousands of years. Reiki healing is passing of life energy "Chi" or "Ki" with the healer acting as conduit or channel by placing their hands above or on areas of the body, while with intent passing life force between the universal wisdom of the life energy and the client. Reiki is used alone or with other traditional modalities for the management of pain, stress, disease, conditions where the life energy "Chi" or "Ki" is low or unbalanced. This is universal life energy flowing throughout and circulating and surrounding all living things. Chi or Ki is all around us and can be accumulated and directed by our minds and thoughts and beliefs. If the life energy is low, or unbalanced or restricted, one is more likely to be vulnerable to illness. Low life energy compromises the immune system. Ki or Chi is easily influenced by our mind, our thoughts, and our reactions to these thoughts. If the mind is positive the life energy will be strong and enhance the immune system and the energy flowing throughout. If the mind is concentrated and clouded with negative thoughts the Chi will be weakened and the life force becomes unhealthy, opening to possible disease states and illnesses. Reiki can promote the effectiveness of traditional medical therapies by improving internal energy flow. Healing for emotional traumas can be accelerated with Reiki. Reiki is used in traditional medical settings such as hospitals and critical care centers and provides clients with beneficial effects.

Reiki is safe, natural and can benefit in all manners where life energy is low. Reiki is not linked to any religion or spiritual belief; it is available to anyone seeking balance of the flow of life energy for healing or general well-being.


Past-Life Regression and Exploration

​Universal Intelligence

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When love and contentment seems to have eluded us we can examine our responses and explore our minds, bodies, soul and heart, our life and truth. When such times arrive in our lives, and they are in everyone's lives, we can learn to heal and take another path. Looking into the fog to create an emotional balance, away from confusion, hurts, feelings of emptiness, aloneness, feeling lost, by rewiring our spiritual conscious and unconscious programed lives. We will feel the connections around us, the unknown, and heal our emotional responses that have caused emotional imbalances in ourselves, our relationships, our families, our work, our politics, and our world. What we pursue is an emotional sobriety. Meditation and contemplation are ways in which internal emotions and insights can enlighten us to awareness of our beliefs and values and responses, bringing deep peace and acceptance.

Meditation and contemplation joins us with the universe, connecting, becoming whole, true and present, and can change you mind, body, spirit. Many religions and cultures have names for this flow of energy, this attainment, it is all the same, all-in-all.

Past Life Regressions or explorations are techniques that use hypnosis as a means of retrieving memories or events from the subconscious mind of past lives. The client is put into a hypnotic trance state and the hypnotist then regresses the client to another time by using a series of questions to identify time, places, persons, events, of past lives. Often many past lives emerge and are identified during a regression which have a significant purpose or meaning for the client in the present lifetime. The advantages and value of regressions is that they can not only far exceed just the knowledge of a past life, but can go back to a time where an event or an experience took place that may lead to the cause or reasons for difficulties in the present life. While going through the process of remembering, while in trance, often present day unwanted symptoms quickly diminish, and a strong sense of well-being takes place, arises, and a healing on all levels appears, physical, emotional and spiritual.

The awareness of our past lifetimes helps dissolve the fear of death, bringing more peace and joy to the present. By realizing and knowing our past lives we are free to allow healing of our minds and bodies, confident in our spirit as eternal beings in this lifetime and future lifetimes.

By revisiting the past we are secured and enlightened that we can heal our wounds in this present lifetime and that there is nothing to fear, and that love is eternal, that we are eternal.

Prayer is nothing but inhaling and exhaling the one breath of the universe