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 All relationships are in transition: love, romantic love, personal, child/parent, business and most importantly the relationship you have or don't have with yourself. Professional Relationship Coaching is proven highly effective with personal painful issues of the heart, where divorce or separations, or affairs, abuse, or feelings of not being significant are painful, and creating a pull-back and distance from each other. Coaching is effective with communication frustrations and not being heard. When intimacy and passion are no longer desired and coldness creates distance. Coaching is helpful in preventing divorce and for marriages, unions, relationships that have lost their way to reach the other. Coaching aids in rebuilding a link, a trust, to the other. Relationships can bring the greatest joy from the universe and fill your heart with warmth, love and safety. Relationships can also bring the greatest pain ever felt. Together we'll find a balance without any guilt or blame.

Together we will sort through the painful struggles of hurt, confusion, anger, guilt and blame. We will untangle the feelings and misunderstandings that are powerfully present. We'll move through to results that will bring about change and ease into a new way of being. Shifting from old fears, memories, beliefs and behaviors held in our past, our unconscious, held in our childhoods, to a new true life, free to be your true self, maybe for the first time, accepted and loved as you are. We'll explore to transform present relationships, no matter the length, into connections of kindness, closeness and understanding. We'll open to restore attraction and love. Or, if it is the desire we will create confidence for new relationships and new goals of your dreams. This is all possible with a shift from the subconscious and a change in thinking and relating and taking action.

Together we will explore individual personal needs and desires, understanding and releasing frustrations and wounds and journey to uncover what is possible. What obstacles and resistances exist. What thoughts and beliefs stand in the way of communicating. Discover self-limiting behaviors or self-sabotaging impediments. Shifting from existing attitudes of hurt, anger, frustration, to new possibilities and another way!

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Professional Life Coaching

Professional Life Coaching moves us from where we are to where we desire to be. Coaching is what makes us "unstuck" and thrive in our uniqueness from what we already have within.

In the personal areas of relationships, at any level, divorce, infidelity, reconnecting, moving on and letting go, going through traumas, all these can cause severe emotional pain that can be extremely difficult to navigate through alone. In other areas such as, parent child conflicts, and emotional challenges and overwhelm, anger, guilt, trust issues, forgiveness, patience control, all of life's complicated struggles that stall our lives, coaching is key. Coaching will help you create a clear and balanced route to your ultimate goal. 

When life is out of balance and choices and decisions are difficult and life is in turmoil, not knowing where to turn can bring in fear. Stopped in your tracks. Professional Coaching is invaluable at these times and will sustain you, with confidence and support, when immediate action is needed, or there is a challenge and choices need to be made, or an opportunity grasped. Coaching involves listening intently on what you are saying and not saying. Unraveling your deepest desires and defeating patterns to fulfillment, to an ah...ha moment! Getting to core issues which prevent you from moving in a direction that you know, somehow, you would be fulfilled and on your path. Coaching is key to getting to core issues of fears, resistances, self-sabotage and self-esteem, by exploring your inner wisdom, your inner world, what you know to be true and identify what your heart and your wisdom is telling you and accepting with confidence and courage your inner knowledge.

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Your path...which direction, what speed, with whom, or alone, now or wait, at times of life's stressful events our normal decisive minds are flooded with hormones which confuse our decision making. A Professional Life Coach can help through these times, preventing poor or emotional decisions.

Grief and Loss Coaching

Overcoming loss of any kind is painful and stressful and support and care is critically needed. At these times a trained Certified Bereavement Coach is invaluable.

Loss comes with many faces, loss of love, loss of a life, loss of yourself, loss of a job, loss of your home, income, dog, cat, ego, confidence, loss is one of life's most extreme difficult paths to travel. I will use modalities and techniques that will lessen the pain right away and move away more and more from the hurt and sadness to a peaceful and healing place, to walk into the future with memories and past in a safe place, while you go forward with courage, you are not alone.

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